Over 15 Years of Experience, Over $280 Million In Funding

Get Your Lines of Credit in 14 to 21 Days!

  • Money For Start Ups and Personal Lines of Credit

    Money For Start Ups and Personal Lines of Credit

    The biggest challenge start up businesses have is getting funding. Our program is second to none. We get businesses up to $250k in business credit cards all the time. If your credit is 680 or higher, we can probably get you funding.

  • Fast Process

    Fast Process

    Just fill out the short questionnaire to get started. We just need some basic info from you and we can get to work in getting your line of credit. You can use as much or as little of your funds as needed. Get funded now and wait for a rainy day if you want.

  • We Help You Qualify For Funding

    We Help You Qualify For Funding

    If your credit score happens to be lower than the required FICO score, our credit repair team will help get you qualified fast. The service is only $79/mo. Other comparable credit repair services are more than 4 times the cost that we charge.

Unsecured Business Loan Requirements

If you can say yes to the following two requirements, you are a great candidate for a line of credit.

1. Your credit score is 650 or higher. (We recommend 680+) 2. No late payments in the past 2 to 3 years reporting on your credit 3. 50% or lower debt to income ratio on revolving credit. (If you have maxed out credit cards, we can provide a low cost consolidation loan. It’s a 5 yr. term loan with 7%-25% interest. 4. Must have a good credit history with one or more lines of credit over the past 3 years. That’s it. Click the Apply Now button. It takes 60 seconds to get started.

How It Works

We leverage our network lines of credit resources and credit card expertise to provide you businessman exec through window_312funding that is not offered in the mail or anywhere online. Most people don’t know how to negotiate with credit card companies to get the best rates and terms as well as much higher amounts in funds. As consultants, that is exactly what we do in behalf of our clients. Each month we are able to get over a million in funding for clients that they wouldn’t have been able to get or apply for by themselves.

Our Simple Process

1. Provide contact info and set up an account with Credit Check Total 2. A Sr. Funding Consultant checks to see if you qualify by seeing if your FICO is over 680, if you have a 50% debt to income ratio or better and if you have made payments on time over the last couple of years. Also, a low number of inquiries is required. 3. We either consult you on how you can make a couple changes and improvements to qualify, or if you do qualify, we start the process and get funding for you within 2 to 3 weeks.

Our Unique Service

There are only 3 other companies in the nation that can offer these types of services. They are always busy and many clients fall through the cracks and end up not being helped. Our process is efficient and stream lined. You can rely on us to help you get the funding you need now, or help you qualify to get that funding as soon as possible.

What If My Credit Score Is Too Low?

If your credit score is currently below 650, you will need to increase that score a little bit. Many of our clients don’t qualify initially. That is why we have a credit repair departmentcreative fashion designer_312 that aggressively repairs your credit with all three credit bureaus for only $79/month. We started out as a credit repair company and we continue to grow that part of our business. Clients can see improvements to their credit in as little as a couple weeks. Usually it only takes 3 months to get credit issues cleared up. We can remove any kind of questionable negative item on your credit. If you are just on the edge of qualifying for a line of credit, there are some quick tips and tricks that we can apply to push that credit up in a matter of a couple weeks.

What If I Can’t Wait Until My Credit Improves?

We understand that money often can’t come soon enough. Our credit repair is extremely fast, but the credit bureaus only update credit scores once a month. If you need funding like right now…you have the option of adding a co-signer who has good credit. We implement options to protect the co-signer so they are in control and have peace of mind when they add their name to help you get funding.

How Are You Able To Fund Clients So Quickly

The Fundia Capital Program is the outcome of an extensive amount of bank analysis, legal consultation and research and development. Our surplus of knowledge comes from our learned skill to be able to analyze, and contrast thousands of applications and the subsequent credit awarded. It may sound like this is too good to be true; but in reality, the outcome of our program isn’t fictitious. It’s just the simple operation of experience, a specialized understanding of this process and a great deal of hard work.

Does My Business Have To Be A Specific Entity?

No. You can have an LLC, Sole Proprietorship, S Corp or C Corp. However, banks are more inclined to lend to businesses that have established LLC’s or Corporations. Assembling an entity for your business shows the banks that you are more determined about your new endeavor, and that you are responsible, and prepared, to undertake the proper steps to protect your business legally. If you don’t have an entity yet, that’s not an issue. We can assist you in getting your business formed properly, no matter what stage of development you are in.

More Questions?

Please, don’t hesitate to ask us. You can call us at 801-769-6683. Agents are standing by from 8am – 6pm MST Monday to Friday take your call. Our goal is to get you a line of credit. We only win when you win.